Thursday, January 19, 2006

Google Earth

The CBC made a reference to Ottawa and the environmental lobbies. As the voiceover blathered on, the screen zoomed in from space to Ottawa. It looked to me like Google Earth.

I'd been playing with this programme since it was made available for the Mac.

As the view zoomed in, you could see the stitched maps forming and re-forming. The initial perspective comes from an altitude of 39,251 miles up. On my display, the earth is a little over an inch in diametre. Somewhere below 3500 miles, Ottawa appears. Someone around 2000 miles up, some reddish patches show up where Ottawa is. Just under 100 miles up, the reddish maps occupy most of the vertical space in the window.

Watching the piece on TV, seeing those reddish map sections, I couldn't help but remember the images in Google Earth. I pulled up the map and of course, it was identical to what was on TV.

That's kind of fun.


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