Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sony Hires Apple Veep

Peter Kafka, of writes:

Last month, Sony quietly hired former Apple Vice President Tim Schaaff, who had overseen development of Apple's elegant QuickTime player. Schaaff's short-term goal is to help overhaul Sony's underwhelming Connect service; his general goal is to make sure that Sony's clever electronics have an equally clever and useful software interface. Like Apple's.

I don't remember the last time that I've heard anyone use the word elegant to describe the QuickTime Player.

When creating a new user account, it's one of the first icons to fall off the Dock. When I want to view a clip, I will grab VLC or MPlayerOSX. I'm tired of the lack of 'dec' in codec.

I don't know what else the former Apple Veep did but just on the surface of it, I'd guess that Sony bought themselves a pig in a poke if they're looking for a revolution.


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