Friday, November 11, 2005

More cabbies in Toronto

Last night I was in a hurry.

I stepped out of work's front door where we have a taxi lane. It's an extra lane just so cars can stop in front of the building without interfering with traffic as this is a really busy street.

I see a cab driving west when I want to go east. I flag him. He makes a U-Turn.

Unfortunately, he doesn't want to think before he does this turn. He turns ten feet before the extra lane starts and cannot actually make the turn. He shifts into reverse, backs up a bit, then forward, then back, finally forward to the curb. He blocks traffic. Cars are honking at him. And I have to wait longer.

All he had to do was drive twenty feet further and then start his turn and he would have been fine. Oh well, it was late and maybe he was tired.


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