Friday, January 20, 2006

Last Media Day

It's Friday.

That means this is the last good chance for the politicians to get their faces before the populace.

Thus far today I have seen two party leaders and one ex-leader.

Right now, I'm watching Paul Martin speak in St. John's. Earlier I watched Stephen Harper speak in Brampton.

The differences between the two are interesting in a sordid way.

Harper spoke mostly about his hopes and about how the country could do more than it is; that the problems facing us are solvable, that there are clear actions we can take that will make a positive difference in our lives.

Martin, started his speech by discussing winning. His hopes are to win. All of the things that define the Liberal are a reflection of Stephen Harper and people should vote Liberal in order to stop Harper. Voting for any of the other parties connotes a defect in the voter.


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