Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Minister of Public Works

I just watched a short interview with Michael Fortier, the new Minister of Public Works and Don Newman of the CBC.

I think he'll do well if he can win a seat.

I've actually seen him speak before but I did not recognise the name.

Amongst his other qualities, he is gracious and has a sense of humour. Newman pushed him to consider a potential seat to run in, something Fortier did not want to be specific about.

“Which riding do you live in? Maybe that would be a good place to start.”

“Well, I'll let you, I'll seek advice from you right now. I live in Mount Royal.”

“Ah, that would not be the best riding… you know what, I'd phone a real-estate agent if I were you. I mean that has got to be the safest Liberal seat, probably, in the world.”

It isn't really. My old riding of York Centre, where Ken Dryen is M.P. is probably a safer seat. But… Irwin Cotler who currently represents the riding, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General prior to the election, well Mr. Corwin won his riding with 22,000 votes.


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