Sunday, February 05, 2006

I was just doing a search for a Pam Oliver bio page.

After making a mistake on the sideline reporter earlier, I wanted to put down the correct name. I found a bio page for Tafoya, for Bernstein, but not Oliver.

I did however, find a 'placement' page with her name on it. Evidently, there is a headhunter named Ken Lindner who places people in news media positions — including Pam Oliver with Turner Sports, where she is slotted to serve as a sideline reporter during the NBA playoffs.

While scrolling through the page …

Interruption: Jeremy Stevens just dropped another pass.

… looking for Oliver, I saw the name Tiffany Burns. She used to work for CityTV here in T.O. I met her once at Milestones, a nice bar on John Street just a few doors away from City's studios. She was quite friendly, down-to-earth and very stunning. She works in Cleveland or some such place now at WIOI-TV.


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