Sunday, February 05, 2006

Steelers Advancing

The Steelers are slithering through the cracks.

After forcing Seattle to punt after a juicy spot, Pittsburgh is finally moving the ball. They currently have had the ball for only about one-third of the game.

When the Seahawks started crushing the pocket from the sides, Roethslisberger slid straight up and in a weird, almost underhand way, pushed the ball to Hines Ward who then gained a first down. Next play a nice pass that just split a seam.

Shotgun — has all day — has a really long time. Ward just caught a weird pass at about the three yard line. I can't remember seeing such a long passing play that wasn't broken. The Pittsburgh QB scrambled left and stood behind the line of scrimmage with nobody within ten yards of him for an impossibly long time. He then lobbed a perfectly positioned throw that Ward caught.

Steelers on the three.

First down, the bus is delayed.


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