Saturday, March 25, 2006

Les Habs, Les Glorieux?

The Canadiens are pulling the arms off of the Maple Leafs.

There are minutes left in the third and the score is 6-2.

The Leaf's have given up trying to win. The teams are fighting.

The Habs are feisty. Tucker just took a nasty elbow to the face and then proceeded to start a fight.

The Leafs lost last night and and with tonight's loss in Montreal, they are pushing themselves to the edge of playoff extinction. They are six points back of Atlanta who earlier tonight was reported to be losing.

There is a scrum now behind the net. There have been two multiplayer fights already.

The crowd has been loud and ecstatic as their Habs are not merely beating the Leafs in goals but they are fighting tooth and nail as they win.

As I understand it, this was back-to-back games in Montreal. The Habs just beat the Leafs twice at home while trying to get into the playoffs ahead of the Leafs. Does it get any better if you're a Montreal fan? I think I'll pour myself another drink.

Update: The New York Islanders defeated the Atlanta Thrashers

It's over. The Leafs lost.

Update number two: The win put the Habs in 8th place ahead of the Thrashers.


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