Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nikon Coolpix P1

I bought a camera.

It's a digital, wireless camera from Nikon — the P1. I bought it at Henry's.

It's cold outside so I am leaving the camera to warm up before I try it out. The battery is being charged. It's lithium ion so I'll let it charge fully before I test it out.

This camera is tiny. When I took it out of the box, I almost missed the actual camera. Even in the packing, I could touch my finger and thumb around the camera. It is really tiny.

The fun stuff, well, we'll see. However, the most noteworthy function of the camera is that it is wireless. Yes, a wireless camera.

I haven't bought anything at Henry's since about 1988. Eons ago, I won a Nikon N2020 for selling a lot of Kenwood stereo equipment. In 1988 I purchased a Sigma 200mm zoom lens for it. It was $250 at the time. The camera still works fine. I just took the batteries out of it earlier today.

I've spent the past few months reviewing digital cameras. My first feeling was to buy a Nikon.

Now that's magic. That's the tagline from a Nikon Coolpix commercial I just saw while writing this. They mentioned without mentioning my camera. Nothing specific, just an image of a camera beside a portable computer and a statement that the camera was wireless.

Oy! This is a small camera. I don't know where they put the wirelss circuitry but ostensibly, it lies within.

I have some reservations. This camera has only a 128mm lens. It does not offer raw or tiff format files. It only offers JPEG. I had to spend $120 on a memory card, an SD 1GB card.

There is a Nikon with a 5x lens. There is a Panasonic Lumix with image stabilisastion. I could have gotten a sweetheart deal on a printer if I'd bought that one. Oh well.

I'm about to take my first picture.


At 4:56 p.m. , Blogger Gary Freedman said...

Good luck with your camera.


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