Monday, December 05, 2005

on Bush and Speechifyin'

I'm listening to President Bush speaking, live from Kernersville, North Carolina at the Deere-Hitachi plant.

Early on in the speech, Bush stated that there was a crucial need to reduce reliance on foreign sources of energy. What's one of his ideas? Build more ports to increase the ability to import liquified natural gas.

Who thinks of this stuff?

On fiscal responsibility, Bush states that there are too many politicians in Washington who preach responsibility but who vote against spending cuts. By all accounts, Bush has never resisted a single spending bill in any meaningful way. A while ago, perhaps two years, a reporter asked Bush when he was going to crack down on the wild spenders in Congress. Bush replied that Congress was doing exactly what he asked of them and that in terms of spending, he had zero complaints to make.

Well, you get what you ask for, I guess.


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