Sunday, January 22, 2006

The commentators are criticising the Panthers' receivers. Steve Smith, their star, is being harrassed by everyone who isn't rushing the passer. There should be four uncovered receivers running around the field on every play.

I was feeling a little strange writing this post as one of those other receivers just dropped another pass. However, on the very next play, Delhomme threw a pass that a high school quarterback would be embarrassed by. Well over the one receiver in the area, it was an easy interception for Seattle.

Smith now has two receptions for eight yards.

Of course, the coaching staff should all be beaten but on the field, the quarterback is not finding or hitting those receivers.

The Seahawks are being predictable. The Panthers' line is playing wonderfully now even though they look very tired. Again, they just forced the Seahawks to punt. They are pursuing and tackling well. We'll see if the offense will give them a bit of a breather.

The quarterback rating for Delhomme just went up. On Seattle's previous series, they showed us that Hasselback's rating is 122. Delhomme is now 13.

I think that something is wrong with Delhomme's arm. At first, I thought it was his hand but now I think it might be a pulled muscle, perhaps his tricep. Well, maybe not a pulled muscle but something muscle related. Only one of his past four throws was reachable by one of his own receivers. I'd pull him out of there.


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