Sunday, January 22, 2006

Seahawks versus Panthers

The Seattle Seahawks are pulling the arms off of the Carolina Panthers. With ten minutes left in the third, the score is 27-7 Seattle.

Carolina just punted. It went 27 yards. It's how their day is going.

Seattle has a lineman, a tackle, who is very big. He's number 99. I'll look him up later. On second down, he just overwhelmed the Carolina offensive line, pushing them back even though he was double-teamed. Someone else was buckling the line on the right side and the quarterback, Jake Delhomme, was forced to scurry forward where 99 caught him. There was some great camera work on the play and it was a treat to watch.

What really interests me is that after the play was over, this DT was sucking air big time. When I saw him, and I can't even use the word 'panting' because it is just inadequate, preparing for the next play, I thought, okay, time to pass. He isn't going to be advancing further than he can fall on this play. So what did Carolina do? They ran the ball up the middle and gained one yard. Typical and deserving.

Shaun Alexander is probably my favourite back to watch these days. For such a powerful runner, he makes the most remarkable cuts. Trapped in the backfield, he somehow just wrung a first down out of the play.

It's a few minutes later and the Seahawks punted. One of their players parked himself on the goal line to await the punt. He blocked it on the first bounce and now Carolina is starting from the one.

Three yards on first down on a long pass to the far side of the field. Second down is a penalty — false start. I guess they're now on the two. Pass dropped at the six. Are they going to have to punt? Yes, a slow to develop running play got them to the four. Seattle's line is playing well.

Well, the punt was under 30 yards. Seattle didn't rush which kind of surprised me because of the tight corner the Panthers were in. They've now got the ball on the 46 of Carolina so I guess they were right.


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