Sunday, February 05, 2006


The game is half over. The score is only 7-3 Pittsburgh.

Steve Young made the only useful comment by a half-time show commentator. He stated that Seattle got the least from the most and Pittsburgh got the most from the least.

While Seattle may or may not be a better team than Pittsburgh, they aren't a lot better. They played well in the first half and are still losing. On top of that, the coach is stressing over the touchdown that Pittsburgh got.

Those are not good signs. How much better is Seattle going to play in the second half?

Pittsburgh, on the other hand, can adjust. They were not getting pressure on Hasselback. Their secondary was not adjusting well to the ball. A fractionally better quarterback would be killing them. Hasselback threw two balls that his receivers caught but were not able to keep in bounds on — on the last drive.

Of course, the officiating has been favouring the Steelers as well. The first touchdown called back was not a competent call. While the receivers arm made a motion to push the receiver away, there was no actual pushing. There was no interference. Both players were having problems adjusting to the ball's descent.


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