Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Camino

Camino 1.0.1 is newly released. So far so good.

I had a couple of recommendations for it — tiny ones — it appears that one of them was implemented.

Previously, in the cookies list, when you deleted a cookie, the list reset and moved your highlighted record to the top of the list. That meant you had to scroll back down to where you had been. Trivial but annoying.

With this new version, that doesn't happen. You stay where you were in the list. This means you don't have to selected multiple records to delete all at once. Small but good.

However, my recommendation to allow sorting by domain was not implemented. This is mildly disappointing. When my email was responded to, I was told that it already did it. It doesn't. The list can alphabetically sort the list. Unfortunately, that sort includes 'www' and anything else before the key portion of the domain. Thus, if you were to want to delete all of your '' cookies, you have two choices.

You can filtre on 'msn' and then delete all. To do this on a grand scale, you would have to filtre on every domain that you didn't want. That still requires you to grind through the list from end to end and it also requires you to type in every domain and then to delete every domain.

Alternatively, you can tediously work your way down the list. That means stopping at,,,, etc...

At this moment, I have four different cookie sets from ''. I have,, and

If I could sort by domain, I could have all of the '' in a solid clump and quickly and easily select and delete them. That would be simple and efficient. Unfortunately, it's not simple.

Maybe next time.