Monday, July 24, 2006

Long Walk

I just returned from a walk. My apartment stinks of cigar. LOL


Time marches on. I am now 42 years old. Relentlessly.

I sit here, a day later, or several hours at least, smoking a cuban cigar and drinking some Cointreau, contemplating my existence.

Romeo y Julieta, Romeo No. 1. It is not fresh but it is a treat. It's major flaw is that it gets soggy at one end. I'm not impressed with that. A colleague from work brought them back with him after visiting Cuba last fall. The flavour is okay; it's a little dry but that could be because it has been sitting on my shelf since last fall.

It amuses me that the hardest part about smoking this cigar was finding a match, or several, to light it. Thankfully, I still have a pack of woodens from the Firken.

I have just cut off one end. A soggy cigar is a failed experience.

Update, three inches long still and the cigar has gone out. Sigh!

postscript, if I'm gonna smoke these things, I'm gonna need an ashtray.