Sunday, October 22, 2006


A Puzzle: The Economist's American Political Coverage

And the Opinion Mill:

Opinion Mill: Amazing insights from The Economist: Thanks to Atrios and the alert uniformed attendants at Crooked Timber, I see The Economist has taken most of its content out from behind the firewall.

When I was a young lad, my brother used to buy the Economist every week. He no longer does.

I used to read it regularly. I liked the magazine because it didn't feel as trite like Time/Newsweek/Macleans. (he says tritely…)

Then, some time ago, they wrote an article on some subject that I actually knew something about. I cannot remember what it was. The article discouraged me.

As an aside, this is similar to Andrew Marshall's Audio Ideas Guide which I read until it reviewed an Aiwa stereo system that the store I worked at, Bay Bloor Radio, offered for sale. Whatever actually motivated the author, I could not help but think that the advertising dollars of Aiwa drove the article. I could not recognise the actual equipment in the review.

Anyways, I can no longer remember the last issue of the Economist that I have read. I don't visit their website.

After reading the blog entry at Delong's site — in which reference is made to the freeing up of articles, I went ahead and visited The browser window was empty. Well, it appeared to be empty. It was actually merely white. Something was there as the scroll bars were active. I don't know if it merely disapproves of Macs or perhaps, I have some browser setting that ensures that I will be denied access. I could change the setting and try again but, at this moment, I can't justify the effort. Maybe tomorrow.


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