Thursday, December 15, 2005

The CBC Holds Firm

Soon after the election campaign began, I was watching Politics on CBC Newsworld. There was an insane Canadian woman named Susan Murray on the segement titled, The War Rooms. I don't think she is really insane but she does tend to froth at the mouth from time to time.

I turned on Politics this morning and there she is again. I was hoping she'd be gone. I actually wrote an email to the CBC asking them to put her to pasture for the duration. It didn't work.

While she isn't yelling much, she is losing her coherence. I've watched her on TV at least twenty times and she is normally able to speak at a rapid rate without losing her flow or her grammer. That is not the case today. It's weird to watch.

She is able to restrain herself when the NDP strategist Brad Levigne speaks but you can hear her pulse pounding when Sandra Buckler, the Conservative strategist opens her mouth. She might be posturing but I think she genuinely hates the Tories.


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