Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Svend loses to Heddy

Svend Robinson lost to Heddy Fry.

This result mirrors my own riding in which Maria Minna, the Liberal, held on to her seat, fending off Marilyn Churley, the NDP candidate. This disappoints me as I am not a fan of Minna.

The overall election results are: 124:103:51:29 with one independent. In order, that's Conservative, Liberal, Bloc Quebecois, New Democrat.

Svend, historically a champion whiner, was gracious in defeat, his first in seven election campaigns. Heddy Fry is a veteran campaigner though. She's a nutbar but she can win elections.

The popular vote: 26.2:20.3:17:5:10:5:4.5:1.1. In order, Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Bloc, Green, Other.


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