Thursday, December 15, 2005

On Debate Number 1

I'm watching the first election debate. The current issue under discussion is about gay marriages. I'm disappointed in Martin's response. He spent his time attacking Steven Harper. Harper has two clear points on this issue. If he was running the government, he would have or allow an open vote in Parliament on the matter and then abide by the outcome. In his view, an open vote includes letting the cabinet vote its conscience. His second point is that he would not use the Not Withstanding clause to deal with the issue. What was Martin's response? That Harper has to come clean on the issue. What more does Harper have to say to satisfy anybody? Unlike the other politicians, Harper generally states what he will do. The others talk about intentions and their feelings. Very rarely will they commit themselves to anything concrete and typically when they do, they renege on it. Helicopters and the G.S.T. are a couple of examples.


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