Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Some Notes on the Election

Some of the more noteworthy results,

An NDP analyst is stating that they believe that Ken Dryden might be the next leader of the Liberal party. Mr. Dryden was previously my MP. He's not much of a campaigner however. I like the guy and considered volunteering for him when I lived in the riding of York Centre.

Tina Keeper, ex of the TV show, "North of 60", won her riding in Manitoba for the Liberals. I like her and hope she does well. She won by some 3000 votes in a riding with a relatively low turnout.

Lorne Nystrom also lost, by 2500 votes. This surprised me. He's one of the veterans of the House. He won his first election when he was about 22 years old. I'll have to look it up.

Ed Schreyer, the former Governor-General, failed to win his riding, missing by some 2000 votes.

Reg Alcock, head of the Treasury Board, lost his riding.

Ann McLellan, the Deputy Prime Minister, lost finally in Edmonton, by 3000 votes. She was known as Landslide Annie. Ostensibly, she won her first election by a single vote. The recount on that increased her victory margin to about twelve votes.

Stephen Owen, at one time, the Public Works Minister, won his riding. He was something else as well but I cannot remember what.

The Tories in Alberta won with some monster margins. Dian Ablonczy won by a fair margin.

In Calgary 44 to 6, in thousands, Jason Kenney.

Harper 41K, Lib 6K. Calgary West gave 6000 votes to the Greens.

In another riding, Sorenson 43K, NDP 3K.

In Edmonton-Leduc, 33K Rajotte, 10K Jacuta.

In many of these ridings, the NDP got substantial votes, over 6000 in many Alberta ridings.

Williams 35K, Lib 11K.

Epp 34K, Lib 7K in Edmonton Sherwood Park

Ambrose 38K, Lib 9K in another Edmonton riding.

Macleod, Menzies 37K, Lib

Medicine Hat, Solberg 35K, Lib 3K.

In Peace River, an Independent got 10,000 votes to come in second.

The one independent winner was supposedly in Quebec City.


Wild Rose, Myron Thompson

Yellowhead, 30K Merrifield, NDP 4K. I think this is Joe Clark's old riding.

In British Columbia, the Liberals got a lot of votes that did not translate into seats. In many ridings, they got over 10,000 votes but did not win. Saanich Gulf Islands, they got 17,000 votes and came in third. South Surrey-White, also over 17,000 votes.

Victoria saw 17,000 votes go to the Liberal who still couldn't win.

In Vancouver Island North, Duncan, the Tory candidate, failed to win despite getting 22,000 votes. West Van-Sunshine Coast also saw a Tory come in second with 22,000 votes.

In Nunavut, there were only 7500 votes total.


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