Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Some Notes 2

Gloria Macarenko, the CBC hostess, normally very attractive, is looking rather dowdy tonight. Krista Erickson, whom I've never seen before, is eye candy for news.

The Bloc won only 51 seats. That's remarkable. It is three less than they won two years ago. I am curious to see what happened to the popular vote in Quebec. Given the state of the province in December, this is a terrible result for the party. I wonder if Mr. Duceppe will feel pressure to step aside now. The Liberals were under awful pressure in the province because of the myriad scandals they'd instigated but the Bloc still couldn't crush them.

Other than the number of seats, I have no inkling of the situation in Quebec. It's got me thinking though.

Paul Martin will not lead the Liberal Party in another election. What a can of worms that will open.


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